Downtown Seattle Condo

Downtown Seattle Condo

I recently completed a project with design challenges I have not faced to date.  The biggest challenge…. I never met with my client as he resides in Indonesia and my budget was 30K to completely furnish a 1600 square foot condo in the heart of Seattle.

Challenge: The owner resides in Indonesia and provided a 30K budget to completely furnish the entire condo this included kitchen, dinner and flatware.   Also part of the challenge was to take a modern built condo and create an interior that provides a welcoming, warm home for my client.

Solution: I provided my client inspirational photos so we would be speaking the same language with regards to style, color and texture.  The space is dramatic with large windows, high ceilings and dark wood finishes throughout.  Rather than choosing something that would fight with the boldness of the space and architecture, I have unified the elements with a neutral palette and accents of my client’s favorite colors.   To keep on budget, I divided the space into zones creating a design plan before any purchases were made.  I mixed products from the Seattle Design Center, local consignment shop as well as a few items

A special thank you to Carolyn Machetanz for her hours of assistance, she truly made this project FUN!

Before the photo shoot, I worked with a delightful Floral Designer at Willow & Bloom in the Fremont neighborhood. Miya Ferguson and her staff created the beautiful centerpiece for the coffee table using fabric swatches I provided for texture and color.  Her shop is a jewel, filled with floral delights from around the world as well as charming gifts.


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