Tammara Stroud Design is a full service interior design firm. We strive to create environments that inspire the eye and the soul from new construction and renovation projects to home furnishings. We specialize in a fresh, modern and environmentally conscious approach to interior spaces. We believe a home should reflect the owner’s personality and desires. Keeping this in mind, the end result is uniquely theirs. Our goal is to successfully blend function and beauty to create balanced living.


paintingColor is amazing! It is a personal expression of style and no two people see color the same. At Tammara Stroud Design, we look to colors that evoke positive emotions for our clients. We strive to find a color palette that is authentic to our client’s lifestyle and personality. Each project is viewed from the perspective of an artist with a blank canvas; everything we paint on your canvas must relate to achieve harmony and balance. Let us assist you in navigating the color wheel and find your perfect palette.


Full service design

Full service design focuses on all aspects of your home: window treatments, fabrics, furniture, light fixtures, paint color, rugs, artwork and accessories. We begin with as-built measurements of your space, and then create a space plan. We pay close attention to architectural characteristics, natural light sources, how the home is used, traffic flow and efficiency. Working with you, we will create a design plan that fits your distinctive character and lifestyle.

Services include: bt__004

  • Establish project budget
  • Space plan drawings
  • Select & specify materials and finishes
  • Furniture, textile and fixture selections
  • Project management
  • Installation coordination


Kitchen and Bathroom Design

Kitchen and Bathroom Design includes both renovations and new construction projects. We pay careful attention to architectural characteristics, natural light sources, how the home is used, traffic flow and efficiency. We work as a team with architects and builders to ensure all aspects of the project are clearly defined from the beginning. Having a set of drawings with materials and fixtures selected before a project begins provides control of project costs.

Services include: Kitchen Remodel

  • Establish project time line and budget
  • Space planning and construction drawings
  • Select & specify materials and finishes
  • Custom cabinet design and detailed drawings
  • Project management and construction supervision



QA_home__006Restoration is an important commitment to the environment. We look to antiques and used furniture for an ecologically and economically responsible alternative to buying new. We look for ways to use existing pieces in your home as well, reviving the old by infusing them with fresh ideas. We find smart solutions for impossible rooms that help create a home with your unique character.